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Renovations to PBC

On 22nd April 2012, Pulborough Bowls Club opened its doors and unveiled its new clubhouse to bowlers from all over the West Sussex County.

The club, which has been at its current location for 50 years , recently underwent a complete redevelopment. The clubhouse was in a very poor state of repair and with the help from local companies, the builders, their relatives and the parish council, the clubhouse was re-opened on the 22nd, by the Sussex Bowling Association’s President, Vic Sherwood.

When Vic Sherwood arrived at the club, his presence brought a great start the club’s 2012 season. Vic opened the bowls club by cutting a ribbon with the help of Pulborough Bowls Club’s greatest fundraising cause, Erin.

Over the last few years, the bowls club and Pulborough social club, just north of the green, have raised money for some fantastic causes, of which Erin was the biggest.

After the county president cut the ribbon, Club president, Len Adsett, thanked the bowlers who had donated their time during the winter closure, to rebuild the dilapidated club house.Most of the labour and some of the materials were donated or payed for by club supporters. The previous club house took some time to remove, with heavy rain and snow, only to find a serious problem, asbestos. This however did not disturb the builders and after some help, the clubhouse was built and ready for Sunday.

When everyone took to the green, the weather took a sudden twist and soon some players returned to grab wet weather gear to protect them during the heavy rain.

The rain started to ease off and all the rinks played superbly for that time of the season, with help from Ray Knight, the greenskeeper, and a bowls green specialist.

After 15 ends, the rain started to return and the decision was made to retreat and stay dry. With one rink having a competitive match of club members versus County players, the match was tight until the 15th end, with the county team just winning by 1 shot on the last end.

Inside the clubhouse, the players who came from all over West Sussex, talked about the new clubhouse, the green and the games they played during the day.

At the end, Len Adsett, the Club President, thanked the help of the ladies in the kitchen and the bar staff as well as everyone who turned up for the day and apologised for the poor weather.

Vic Sherwood, then returned the polite speech, by thanking the greenskeeper, the workers and everyone who helped make the day a really special start to the new season.

At the end of the day, there were no specific winners, due to the end of the match being 3 ends short, but everyone was proud of the work that had been done and that was the main aim of the day.

Max Pilbrow.

Len Adsett thanking the help in building the new clubhouse and the great support to all the players who turned up on the day.

Vic Sherwood (centre) with Erin (centre left), Len Adsett (Right) and Ken Peryer (far left).

Len Adsett (right) introducing Ken Peryer (Left), the clubs oldest male bowler, to Vic Sherwood (Centre)

It's hard to believe that our fantastic new clubhouse came from this start!

The entire block containing the ladies changing facilities and toilets had to be demolished to make way for the new building.

Even the President pulled his weight to ensure that the new clubhouse was ready for the open day.

A well deserved rest for the workers!

A true team effort of which everyone can be proud!