Try Bowls

Like to Try Bowls

Pulborough Churches v PBC in a friendly for new and novice players to have a go!



Bowls truly is the ‘Sport for All’

It is played by men and women of all ages. Some bowlers come from other sports, others do not have any sporting background but excel at this game.

You can learn to play bowls in a day, but you may not master it in a lifetime; you will definitely have great fun trying. To play well requires concentration, determination and practice.  It is proven to certainly be good for your general health.

Bowls is not only a sport, you can also have a varied and active social life at the club. It is the ideal sport for meeting new people, and having fun!

Interested - What next?

Don’t worry - all you need to try the game are a flat soled pair of shoes. Then with a good eye and arm,
you are off ! We have spare bowls and will give
tuition to new players.

Have a taster session for FREE and see how you
get on - you might be a natural!

What will it cost?

Unlike many sports Bowls is great value and membership fees are not out of reach for most people (just £119 a season at PBC). Bowls can be borrowed initially and later purchased either new or second hand.

Come along and try for FREE!

 any Monday evening 5:30 – 7:00
Otherwise drop by the Club or phone 01798 873643 to arrange
another suitable time.